THE PERFECT BROW GEL (and all the products I used in my car tutorial)


I have gotten so many DMs on Instagram after I posted my quick, in the car makeup tutorial. You all wanted to know what products I was using and the colors. The question I probably got asked the most was about the brow gel. I started using Glossiers boy brow recently and have gotten so many compliments on my brows! I love it because its clean, keeps my brows in place and fills them in nicely. I chose to get it in brown because I love a darker, more defined brow. The second biggest question was about my Charlotte Tilbury magic away concealer. I used number 5 for concealer and 4 to brighten. Below are the rest of the products i used and love! Scroll through and comment below or on Instagram with any questions.


You've overslept and need to be out of the house in less than 10 looking halfway put together!!! Here is my routine when I've hit that snooze button one too many times!! Happy Monday!!

Products I used: