We all know the incredible things coconut oil does and the million ways we can use it... Ingesting it is great for you (put some in tea if you have a sore throat!) you can put it in your hair and even use it as a moisturizer on your body and face. There are so many things this all natural oil does but I just recently discovered my favorite one of all... eye makeup remover!! Guys this even gets off waterproof mascara and eye liner! My sister in law Cherise won't use anything that isn't natural. She's gorgeous and healthy and has incredible tips on anything all natural and what the body needs. I recently downloaded this app called "Think Dirty" no.. not that kind of dirty (to all my friends disapointment). It's an app that scans your household products, mainly in the bathroom and lets you know how toxic they are. I learned that my eye makeup remover was extremely toxic and that kind of worried me. I do pick my poisons but if I can find something less expensive, all natural AND better?! I've won. I just had to share it with you guys. I also used Egyptian Magic which has other things in it and it works amazing! Plus a jar will last you a really long time!


  • Make sure to wash your hands before use.
  • Dip your clean fingers in the jar and rub a small amount on your eyes.
  • Gently message for a few seconds (it's also so moisturizing for the delicate under eye area!)
  • Take a cotton round or swab (wet or dry) and gently wipe away.
  • Wet the cotton round and wipe again.

Try this in place of your regular eye makeup remover and let me know what you think! XOXO

You can get the Egyptian Magic here: