[show_lookbook_widget id="182984"]I was really surprised to learn how many people don't really understand why you should always use primers under your makeup. First off, your makeup not only goes on more evenly and smoother but it also lasts twice as long. It also creates a barrier between the skin and your foundation. I always love this because it feels like my skin is being protected in some way. For the eyes, using a primer again, makes it last much longer and it also helps your shadows look more pigmented so you actually need to use less eye shadow.


These are the primers I love:


Here you have a variety to choose from. Depending on your skin type, some of these do double duty. If you just want a regular primer use the original one. I personally use the Luminizing one but here are all the options. Photo Finish has been rated the number one primer since it launched. [show_shopthepost_widget id="481200"]


HOURGLASS [show_lookbook_widget id="182960"]

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer is another great one. As you girls know, I am a huge fan of the Veil Foundation it is the only foundation I use. This primer is incredible. It makes the foundation go on silkier and it lasts all day. This is a very clean line and there is no silicone in it. Smashbox does have silicone in it but I think that's why I like it, as crazy as it sounds. I love the thickness of it and feel like it creates a nice layer between my skin and the foundation. This mineral one is more natural and it makes your skin glow. That is why I love and use both!

[show_lookbook_widget id="182976"] For my eye lids, I don't use your typical "primers". You can use any of the obvious good ones like Urban Decay, Too Faced, or Smashbox but personally I rotate between By Terry Touche Veloutee and YSL Touche Eclat. These aren't listed as primers, They are brighteners but I absolutely love them because they are all in one wands. I use them both as primers & brighteners for under the eye and on cheekbones etc. They can also be used as concealers.

So what do you girls think? Do you already prime and if so which ones do you love? Let me know!

Love always,

KELLY XO [show_shopthepost_widget id="481248"]