It's no secret I am still in wedding mode. I prepped for so long and we worked so hard at making it the best day ever and it was! Planning a wedding or preparing for any big event can be very stressful. Generally, when I am very stressed it shows in my skin. I usually break out, have bags under my eyes and my skin looks dull and dehydrated. I was sooo  nervous this would happen for my wedding. Plus, we had to travel on top of it and that is never easy on skin. Luckily I found the secret to keeping my skin clear and glowing for my big day. 


1. Regular facials - If you aren't someone who gets facials regularly, I recommend starting to! They make the world of a difference. Shani Darden has taken my skin to a whole new level. With monthly facials and the right products my skin has been consistently good and that is rare for me. Start doing this regularly at least 3 months before your event. If you don't want to go for facials, at least use a Clarisonic daily, it will absolutely change your skin. (Use it in addition to monthly facials as well!) I highly recommend Shani's Retinol Reform and Dr. Dennis Gross Peel Pads, no joke these things have changed my life!!!

2. A gallon of water a day. Yes. A gallon. I swear to you it makes your skin glow! There are so many health benefits to doing this as well. It also speeds up your metabolism and can give you more energy. I am addicted to it at this point. It seemed like a lot at first and it is. But you get used to it and don't feel the same on days you drink less.

3. Remove dairy and processed sugar from your diet. Guys, I know it seems hard but if you just do these 2 things and nothing else you will have clear skin! Clean eating really does show on your face. I am not someone who really enjoys veggies and non processed foods. I eat them because I know the health benefits. But I am telling you, do it for a month and see the difference. EVERYONE was asking me what I was doing differently and this was it. Challenge yourself for 20 days. You will see you will stop craving it once its out of your system (this is coming from an ex cheese addict)

4. Take a probiotic daily. Probiotics are great in general for overall health but they do wonders for your skin! chose one no less than 30 billion (I take 100 billion by Garden Of LIfe)

5. Ice Ice baby. Regular icing of your face (sounds yummy but not that kind of icing!) keeps inflammation down. On the day of my wedding I woke up with bags because I cried the night before (Darin and I slept in separate rooms and it was very emotional for me!!) The ice took the puffiness down better than any eye pads or eye creams. It seriously works the best and is free! You cant beat that!!

6. EXFOLIATE! Dont forget about your body! Chances are you are wearing a dress or something that will show off skin. You want your body to glow as much as your face. Get this Hammam exfoliating mit for the best exfoliation of your body ever!! Just use it with your soap, scrub away and reveal gorgeous glowing skin!


What are some of your tricks for clear glowing skin? Share them with me in the comment section below!!


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