Ok babes, the countdown to summer has officially begun! As most of you know, before my wedding I worked very hard at building my body. I wanted to build muscle and burn fat, build my booty to fill out my dress and just feel great on the day. This entailed working out 5-6 days a week, drinking a gallon of water a day and eating very clean. I eliminated processed foods, sugar and dairy. My skin was glowing and I felt amazing!!!! Cut to post wedding I went on a binge and ate everything I deprived myself of. Those who know me know my unhealthy addiction to french fries and potato chips. Well I indulged. Then I started to completely fall off! I had no desire to workout or eat clean. I lost my muscle tone and my skin started to break out. I do not like this feeling guys. I can honestly tell you, while I don't believe in extremes and really feel like moderation is key, healthy living definitely works better for me overall. It's not just about looking good but it is about feeling good. SO here comes the challenge.

We are exactly 2 months away from summer. I feel like I really achieve my goals best when I set a deadline. I am officially starting my challenge tomorrow morning. Who wants to join me? 


Drink one gallon of water a day.

Eat 5 clean meals a day. 

workout 5 days a week.

Your workouts should be dependent on your fitness level. If you are just starting out maybe thats a 20 minute walk. For more advanced maybe its circuit training or heavy weights. The goal is to be active for AT LEAST 20 minutes a day and challenge yourself for more. This means incorporating at least 2 days of cardio as well.

Make a checklist and before bed every night, check off that you completed these 3 things:  Some kind of workout (even if you only have time to do a few sets of lunges, just do something) 5 clean healthy meals (set a timer on your phone and be ready to eat when it goes off) and your gallon of water. The gallon of water will change your life! I will do a specific post on this explaining how beneficial it is. As well as some sample daily menu plans.

I will be posting recipe ideas and inspiration so we can all support each other. My trainer and friend Sam Jones and I will post videos of our workouts to my Instagram as well for ideas and motivation. I will also post smaller weekly goals on here every Sunday! 

SO who's with me?? Lets do this together and achieve our bikini bodies and clear minds by June 20th!