SPOTLIGHT: All About Jamie Lynn Sigler!


I'm so excited to do my first SPOTLIGHT on actress & new mom Jamie Lynn Sigler. Jamie is one of the most beautiful (both inside and out) and down to earth girls I know.  No matter what, this girl always looks amazing. Her beauty is effortless. She always has that natural glow, which I believe can be partly attributed to the best advice her mom every gave her (see below!) and the way she lives her life in general. Here are some of Jamie's tips!



KK:You are a new mom to an adorable 1 year old boy, what is the biggest thing that surprised you about motherhood?

JLS: Motherhood has been full of suprises for me, but I would say the biggest is how little I focus on the small stuff anymore. His happiness and well being is everything to me, and a giggle and a smile can change my entire mood.

KK: Any tips or advice for new moms out there? JLS: Go easy on yourself and try to limit the guilt. We can't be perfect, its impossible. You are going to make mistakes, you are going to cry and be scared, but you are also going to know the greatest love possible. Advice from others is great, but every baby is different, so listen to your gut. You are the mama, and at the end of the day, I promise, you will know what to do for your little one.

KK: What are some of your favorite baby products? JLS: I love all the Honest products, I'm obsessed with these "boogie wipes" for runny noses, Mustela lotion is wonderful and smells amazing, and a Nose Frida will save the day when they have a cold!

KK:Best advice your mom ever gave you? JLS: Never go to bed angry. End your day in gratitude no matter what happened.


KK: What beauty product can you not live without? JLS: Albolene face cleaner.  I smear it all over and remove with a tissue and my skin is clean and moisturized.

KK: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take 5 things with you, they would be...

JLS: My fiancé, My baby, My dog, Moisturizer and iPad.

KK:You are running out the door to a lunch or meeting and only have 10 minutes to get ready, you.... JLS: Put concealer under my eyes, mascara, throw my hair in a high pony and some lip gloss.

KK: Favorite drugstore brand? JLS: Cetaphil

KK: Your go to outfit is... JLS: Jeans, button down and Converse

KK: Best beauty tip you learned from working on set? JLS: Use a business card when putting on mascara.. hold it on your eye lid and slather that mascara on and then you have no black marks on your eyelid.

KK: Any beauty secrets? JLS: Drink water and always take your makeup off.. I'm not always the best at this but I see the difference when I do.

KK: You have been up all night and have to look rested, any tricks? JLS: I use a clarisonic brush, I really think it wakes up my skin.. I like phytomer moisturizer and then a benefit concealer I love.

KK:Who is your beauty Icon? JLS: Jennifer Lopez. Her skin always looks dewey.

KK: If you could own someone else's wardrobe, it would be.... JLS: Rachel Bilson

KK: Favorite fashion designer? (or one of) JLS: Elie Saab makes the most amazing dresses.


Any tips or secrets you guys wanna share? Feel free to do so in the comment section below!