Summer is here you guys! Growing up in the freezing cold snow in Canada, I don't think there is anyone who gets more excited about summer than I do!  One staple I think should be in your closet this summer is a white dress. You can mix and match, dress it up or down. It works for every occasion and is just such an easy "go to". I love this one from Forever 21. I generally don't do longer dresses (below the knee) because I feel like I'm not tall enough so its always a weird cut on me. This one is great because I am wearing a shorter slip underneath.

Why I love it

Wear this to the beach with sandals and a bathing suit during the day and go right into night by throwing on a pair of wedges or lace up sandals and a denim jacket. If you're at a pool party and someone "accidentally" throws you in and you  somehow forget your bathing suit, totally fine, the slip underneath makes it not see through and the lace dries super fast.(but why would you go to a pool party without your bathing suit... you get the point.)

This is also just a cute look to run errands in. Pair it with a cute tote bag and a hat and you're good to go for the day!

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