I posted this picture on Instagram and so many of you have asked where to get my white Nikes. The good news is they're on sale until Aug 6th but then go back to full price! Below are links to the whole outfit (plus some additional white sneakers)



FullSizeRender It's the first Monday of the year! Let's start it off right. We all make resolutions, some of us keep them, some of us don't. Most of us make resolutions to eat better, workout more, work harder, procrastinate less and be more organized & efficient. Whether some (or all) of these resonate with you or not, here are some tools to help you stick to those resolutions and make 2015 your best year yet!


[show_lookbook_widget id="183208"] I mean, this really needs no explanation. This is a little workshop (takes about 3 hours) it is 10 questions to make the next 12 months the most successful yet. It's a nice little guide to help set your goals and accomplish them.


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Stay organized in 2015 with this chic desk diary. For me, Having a day planner is the only way I get everything done. I love to plan out my weeks and schedule and I love to write it out and look at it as opposed to using my phone. I'm old school this way but it makes me 100 times more efficient. You can even have your initials engraved on these!


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Tie these adorable 4 leaf clover bracelets around your wrist and make your wish for the year (as many as you want) every time you look at the bracelet, you will be reminded of what you want and will stay focused on it. They come in all different colors and styles as well.


With the My Fitness Pal app, you can track your intake of calories and also how many you burn. Kate Hudson uses this (she has my goal body) so I think it's a great tool.


I don't know about you guys but when I have cute clothes to put on, I'm more motivated to work out. Just me? Either way here are some of my favorites! [show_shopthepost_widget id="484800"]


2014 is over! Get rid of all clutter and things you don't need for the new year. Organize your tax paper work and put it in a folder so you are prepared and throw out everything else! Or just store it in a nice box somewhere:) I am a pack rat and keep everything, especially for sentimental reasons. But clutter is chaos! Here are some office organizers for your home or work space.

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What are some of your guys resolutions? Share them with me in the comments below!

Kelly xo

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TRAVEL WORKOUTS! (And staying healthy on the go!)


I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people use the excuse that it's too hard to workout on the go, especially when traveling. Ok, I am one of those people. I have used the fact that I'm traveling and it's too hard to find the time. The truth is, there is always time. It all depends how badly you want it. I have discovered that the easiest way to stay fit on the go is to bring some DVD's with you. Sure, most hotels have gyms and you can always make that work. But I have found for me, whether I'm traveling for work or pleasure, I always have more success just waking up and doing a DVD. My two favorites at the moment are Tracy Anderson & Cardio Barre.

When doing Cardio Barre, I improvise by using the hotel room chair as a bar and a water bottle as weights. This way I don't have to travel with the weights.

Hotel room workouts

My favorite Tracy DVD's are in the metamorphosis package but I find The Perfect Design Series is great for hotel room purposes. If you are able to travel with ankle weights and/or have a gym in your hotel, then I HIGHLY recommend the meta series.  I knew that I would be away for awhile so I did travel with my ankle weights, 3 pound hand weights, my Tracy Meta DVD's and her new dance one which is amazing for cardio! I would turn the heat up in my hotel room and sweat while doing fun dance routines.

IMG_2520 IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2525 IMG_2516

Another option too, is to look for local gyms and classes (Pilates, Yoga, Barre) Those are always fun and you can find them anywhere if time permits. While filming The Blue Mountain State Movie in Wilmington North Carolina, Frankie Shaw and I found the most amazing Pilates studio called Lithe Core Pilates and worked out with Shepherd. She is AMAZING and we highly recommend her!


As for diet, the catering on this movie was the best catering we have ever had! Everything was delicious and healthy.

  • Breakfast: Egg whites with tomato, spinach & onion, 2 pieces of turkey bacon and a slice of gluten free bread.
  • Lunch: One piece of protein, salad, veggies and a carb like rice or potatoes.
  • Dinner: Salmon, salad and potatoes.
  • In between for snacks I would have a power bar and a scoop of tuna with pickles.

Because we had started the 90 day food challenge and we were on location, it was extra challenging. But the catering department cooked so healthy that I feel like all those days counted! On our days off, we had gone to Whole Foods and stocked up our fridge with healthy things like carrots & hummus, Kefir, fruits & veggies and some turkey meat for protein. Of course we also had snacks like gluten free crackers, chips and cookies for the weekend. (You have to live after all) but it's all about balance!! I am a potato chip addict, So sometimes what I will do is keep pickles around, the crunch and salt tricks me into believing I am eating my chips!



Don't forget that looking cute is half the battle!! (not really)

In these pictures I am wearing Nike Pro Hyperwarm leggings  it was cold in North Carolina so I picked up a pair of these while there. They are the comfiest, most amazing workout pants! It was also so much fun to step outside my usual black leggings for these fun colors!

Nike Flex 2014 Run (in pink and black)

Champion Reversible sports Bra

And normally I would have on some sort of hooded sweatshirt like this one or this one

So what do you guys think? Would you try these hotel room workouts while traveling? What are some of your favorite things to do to stay healthy? Let me know in the comments below!

Big kiss!!


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