On day 4 we went to a cocktail party to honor the Golden Nymph Award nominees at the Monte Carlo Bay hotel which was a blast and then we all went to Quai Des Artistes which was an AMAZING restaurant!! For the event, I chose this adorable Self Portrait dress. It is such a cute little cocktail dress, so different than what I normally go for and I just loved it! I paired it with these Prada platform open toe shoes and a silver clutch.

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Beautiful view from our hotel room at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel  

When we were in Monte Carlo for the TV festival, I had a lot of people inquire about my outfits and process of getting ready. So I thought I would share it here.

The whole trip was a blast, but preparing for it took a lot of work! We had 5 days of events all back to back. The process of finding the right outfits for each event was grueling but really fun! I went to some of my favorite designers (my friends at BCBG, Alice and Olivia and Dolce and Gabbana) to pull the perfect outfits.  To help with the finishing touches, I enlisted the help of my friend Cara Santana who has an awesome fashion blog called Caradisclothed,( to help me put the looks all together. Here are the results:

Opening ceremony: I loved this cutout BCBG gown. I felt sexy and sophisticated in it. Cara had suggested slicking my hair into a tight pony tail and really accentuation my eyes which I loved. The obvious choice with shoes might be to wear a pair of strappy black ones but she suggested my nude patent Louboutins (Lady Peep) and I loved it! My makeup artist Joe Ghannam went with a very smokey cat eye, using blacks, purples and (surprisingly) green eye liner in my water line that really made them pop!  We went with a nude lip which I always suggest when doing a heavy eye. The look was completed with one of my favorite jewelry lines called EFFY and a vintage clutch courtesy of Cara.

On the red carpet at the opening ceremony for the 54th Monte Carlo TV festival.


The second day was a press day where we had an autograph signing and some photo shoots. I opted for an all white super classy yet sexy Alice and Olivia ensemble. It was the perfect daytime outfit for the South of France. The shoes were Prada and the tank was French Connection. These Prada shoes were so comfortable by the way, given the fact that I was in them all day. I was surprised how long I lasted before the aching began... We kept my hair in long loose waves and chose to do very clean, fresh faced makeup.


On the red carpet at the Grimaldi Forum.

Feeling so chic in this all white ensemble by Alice & Olivia


That night we were EXHAUSTED and skipped the cocktail party we were supposed to go to. We ended up going for dinner at Buddha Bar which was amazing. As you will learn, Asian cuisine is my absolute favorite. The best thing about Buddha Bar is that it's  Thai, Chinese and Japanese all in one stop!  I decided to wear this adorable dress by Alice & Olivia.

My girls, Kim Matula and Shelby Hines outside Buddha Bar.

Day 3 was yacht day!! I chose to wear this light, comfy and adorable Tory Burch dress. What I love about this is that it can be worn with heels or flats and is really flattering on. Underneath, I had my Victoria Secret Brazilian bikini (SO happy they came out with those)

Getting some sun on the yacht.

On the yacht with my babe.

That night, we had a cocktail party at the home of the Prime Minister. I LOVED this BCBG cocktail dress!! I initially paired it with my black Relika Christian Louboutin pumps but my feet hurt so badly after the party that I changed into my reliable and comfortable black Lance Jimmy Choos for the remainder of the night. I accessorized with Effy Jewelry.

On the French Riviera in BCBG


Darin and I with Joel Mchale and Jerry Bruckheimer at the Prime Ministers house.

The following night was the Prince's Palace. Not only were we about to meet the Prince of Monaco but we were meeting Grace Kelly's son!!! This was beyond exciting for me! I chose to wear a floral Dolce & Gabbana silk dress that was SO comfortable and flattering. I think Dolce dresses look good on every body type. I am such a fan of theirs. I paired it with my Lady peep Louboutins which was a giant mistake on those cobble stone streets!! Luckily, I had my babe as support. I mean, he couldn't let go of my hand for a second or I would've eaten shit. Pardon my French.

Hanging on, I mean, with Darin at the Princes Palace.

picture of Kelly in Dolce and gabbana

Last up we had the closing ceremony. This was one of my favorite looks. I wore this beautiful cutout BCBG gown and felt like a princess. I threw my hair up in a messy bun and let Joe do whatever he wanted with my makeup. He went for a very golden look which I loved.

Joe hard at work.

Back of m y hair

Showing off my EFFY jewels

Kelly and Darin at closing ceremony



I was so happy with all of my looks! Bold and The Beautiful took home the Golden Nymph award that night. The next morning it was off to Paris...

Darin and I with the Golden Nymph award.



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  Article in SOD about our lost luggage

Recently, my fiance Darin and I took a trip to Monte Carlo & Paris for the TV festival and to film an episode of The Bold and the Beautiful. The trip was incredible but we learned an extremely valuable lesson. Ready for it? Shit happens! You can plan and plan all you want but ultimately shit does happen and you have to either be SUPER prepared or improvise. This particular trip required many outfits for different red carpet and press events (5 to be exact and more on that in a future post) and each outfit had a lot of thought and preparation go into it. We packed strategically and were really prepared for anything and everything. We had multiple options in case of weather changes, back up shoes, back up dresses, you name it. We were all packed and ready for the fun journey.

Me & my babe on the plane right before takeoff.

We flew from LAX to London Heathrow and then off to Nice we went!

Me, Darin & The lovely Ashleigh Brewer in the lounge at London Heathrow waiting to board our flight to Nice.

We arrived in Nice after a 15 hour travel day to find out that there was a glitch in the system at Heathrow and none of the luggage made it. NONE. OF. IT. MADE. IT.  Opening ceremony for the festival was less than 24 hours away!

As a product addict, you would think I would be smart enough to carry everything on  the plane with me but I wasn’t. Yes, I had my makeup that could break, but my face wash, all creams and hair products were all in my bag! Not to mention what about a clean pair of underwear or something to sleep in?! We arrived late at night and everything was closed. Luckily British Airways provides you with a cute little overnight bag that had a toothbrush and toothpaste in it. Then came my hero Shelby Hines. She is the international publicist for B&B and little did she know, was shortly gonna become my new best friend for life. She was one of the only people who got one of her bags. She lent me her Aveeno Active Naturals Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser and some Ponds makeup remover cloths. I had never used the Aveeno wash but was pleasantly surprised. It got all my makeup off and left my face feeling clean, refreshed and left no residue. But more importantly, She gave me 2 pairs of Hanky Panky underwear and a tank top. Oh, the little things we forget to appreciate people! The feeling of getting out of a shower after 15 hours on an airplane and just having a clean pair of underwear and a tank top is impossible to put into words! I will love her forever.

The next morning we woke up and had a beautiful breakfast on the French Rivera. We then proceeded to run to Zara and get clothes for the day.

Breakfast at the Monte Carlo bay hotel on the french riviera

After a very stressful day of running around and trying to find clothes (In between an autograph signing we had at the Cap 3000 mall in Nice) We rushed back to our hotel with about 45 minutes to get ready for the Opening Ceremony of the festival. Let me repeat that. 45 minutes. My back up dress that I found was not only really expensive but it needed to be altered. As we were on our way to the store to pick it up, the hotel called to let us know that some of the bags (not all) arrived at the hotel. We rushed back and as luck would have it, ALL our bags were there!!!

My amazing Monte Carlo makeup artist Joe Ghannam was waiting in my room along with the incredible hair team from Franck Provost to get us ready in record time and off to the Opening Ceremony we went.

makeup artist Joe ghannam working his magic in 20 minutes!

The moral of the story is this: when traveling. ALWAYS bring at least one days worth of clothing and product with you in your carry on!!! In the off chance you lose your luggage and don’t have a Shelby near by, you will thank me, trust me!!


My new carry on essentials:

Toothbrush/Toothpaste, face wash, moisturizer, eye cream, lip balm, eye makeup remover pads, glasses or contacts/solution, 2 pairs of underwear, 1 pair of socks, 1 tank and 1 sweatshirt or jacket.