[show_boutique_widget id="198672"] One of my closest & dearest friends, actress Bre Blair (who's actually more like a sister) and I have spent countless hours in Sephora together, even more time talking about products and testing out everything you can imagine. We have tried every different hair colorist and stylist out there (and then yelled at each other for not sticking with what works!) Shopped for about every type of event you can think get the idea! Well, she too is a major product whore. Our love for beauty products, fashion, diet tips, workouts and the fact that we have very similar taste in all of it, is what has kept us so close all of these years. All that being said, Bre is going to be my first ever Guest Editor/Contributor to Madison Charles! Bre has just tested out some new products for her skin as it is beginning to transition into the winter months. Here is what she came up with! Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

me and Bre

The Holidays are here and that means more drinking, eating, stress, traveling on airplanes and drier months ahead. Often times we forget that our skin suffers from all of this. This is the time we need to restore, repair and put that good old moisture back into our skin! These are some very simple and affordable ways that we can do that without interrupting our busy schedules or breaking the bank. Here are some great ways to  keep your skin glowing and HAPPY!!


I have been on the hunt for good "at home" peel pads,  Peter Thomas Roth Un-wrinkle Pads left my skin saying YES and wanting more. This is the perfect time of year to use them as our skin can be sensitive or more prone to brown spots when we have had a lot of sun exposure. Always remember to use a sunscreen no matter what. I recommend and love this one by Elta MD.

You can always go to your doctor and get a peel there (which I’ve done) They are amazing but there is a bit of downtime and on the average, cost $125  per treatment (five are recommended for best results.) I wanted something that was less expensive with little to no downtime. The unwrinkled pads  can be used daily but I would start at 1-2 times a week and then work up to every day. There is minimal peeling but the texture of your skin changes almost immediately after one treatment!! You should use a good moisturizing cream right after,  like this one by VIVITE this is especially good if you're on the drier side and it will NOT break you out. If you're not feeling too dry I recommend putting your daily night treatment on after, you’ll get an even better result. I recommend this vitamin c retinol treatment. This is also great for reversing any skin damage you might have caused over the summer.

Another great thing about these pads is that they are $45 dollars for 60 pads. So if you use them four times a week they should last up to almost 4 months, which works out to $11 dollars a month. I like to do the math so I can stay within my budget:)

DR. GROSS  is another good brand but at a higher price point, just to give you another option.


First of all, if you don't know about this store you are in for a treat! It's located on Main St in Santa Monica but also offers online shopping. These are organic cotton pads (similar here) however, online this product is currently out of stock (its that good) but I know its available in the store or you can get these Koh Gen Do ones which are equally amazing. Ditch your CVS /Rite Aid cotton balls or pads and get these ASAP! They are organic cut cotton which means that they are less abrasive on your face and are super soft. You will notice a big difference whether you’re removing your eye makeup or toning your face.


My second must have from this store that will give your skin a boost and is also good for those pesky germs and colds that go around during the holidays, is their humidifier. OMG you will be obsessed! Pick your favorite essential oils and get ready to relax. It has the most relaxing sound and makes whatever room you're in smell like a spa! My boyfriend loves the "Sky" which has lavender and mint essential oils. You can also buy your own oils at your local Whole Foods, just make sure they are pure essential oils. At night, this helps him fall asleep and breathe easier. It also shuts off automatically when it runs out of water or you can set a timer as well. So it is super safe to sleep with or just in case you run out of the house and forget to shut it off! It has a clean sleek design with a soft light that you can choose to keep on or off. This is a great holiday gift and at a great price point!

Alright, the holidays are here and we are eating salty things and drinking yummy drinks. This unfortunately results in dehydration!  It tends to show up particularly under those sensitive eye areas. I like to put my SKYN ICELAND HYDRO COOL FIRMING EYE GELS  in the fridge for a more cooling effect. These are also great if you just need a last minute pick me up, you might be  getting your photo taken, heading out to an event or getting on a plane. I personally like to turn on my humidifier that I mentioned above, lie down and give myself a 15 min break while I'm replenishing my skin. Follow it up with some fab eye cream like this one  and you're all set.

Happy Holidays!!


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