You guys know how much I LOVE Glam Glow Super Mud as a mask. (See post here if you missed it.) Well now they have come out with a cleanser and it is even better than I expected!!

Like the mud, there is a wash for every skin type. Super Cleanse for acne prone skin, Youth Cleanse for anti- aging, Thirsty Cleanse for dry and dehydrated skin and a new Power Cleanse which is a mud to oil cleanser that removes makeup & build up for a clean and flawless complexion.

As usual there are no chemicals or parabens in it which is always a huge plus for me. All the cleansers turn from mud to foam (except for the mud to oil one)

Why I love it:

At the end of a long day, I can't wait to wash my face and get my makeup off. This wash tingles a little as its on your skin so you really feel like its getting deep into your pores and clearing everything out. It does not leave my skin feeling stripped or dry. Just glowy, fresh and clean. It gets my makeup off  really well and I notice my Clarisonic not picking up as much as it normally does with other cleansers. I am a big fan of mud cleansers to begin with but this one is the best one I have tried so far. I had a little reaction on my forehead to a product I used and this sped the healing process up a lot  for me.

Products available here:

What kind of cleansers have you been using? Love hearing from you guys! Keep in touch with me in the comment section below!