Keeping her paw elevated My boxer Charlie is a really tough girl. In all the years I've had her, I've never really heard her yelp. The other day she was laying on the couch and someone rang the doorbell. She must have jumped up too quickly or just landed on her leg the wrong way and sprained it. She yelped really loudly and I got scared, as I mentioned before, this is extremely unusual for her. She started limping and was clearly in a lot of pain. Which of course, led me to baby and nurture her as much as I possibly could.

Charlie trying to get comfy.

Well, my Fiancé and I left to go to a BBQ for a few hours and when we came home, she was at the door, jumping and acting like she was perfectly fine. How is it, that she healed that quickly? You know damn well if that were you or I, that sprained ankle would've lasted at least a week. How did hers heal so fast?  My theory is that it's because she doesn't dwell on it and literally just forgets about it so there is no more pain. Everything is so psychological. Sometimes we make such a big deal out of things and put so much energy into thinking  that it's worse than it is, that we actually make it worse! Look, I'm not saying that things don't hurt and that real things can sometimes take a while to heal but what I learned from my little Charlie is seriously, stop sweating the small stuff. If you just don't think about it and forget about it, it just might actually go away. Try it and let me know what happens! I'm gonna do the same. xo