To the girls who never judge, always love and make us smile, IMG_3851


Thank you.

You love unconditionally, never hold grudges or dwell on the negatives. You are always excited to see us. I can go outside for a second and when I come back, you greet me as if you haven't seen me for days. You teach us the importance of living in the moment and being grateful for the little things most people take for granted, like going on a walk or eating breakfast. Every moment is brand new for you and you seize it. You teach us not to sweat the small stuff. It's really not all that important anyway right? It doesn't take much to make you happy. You get excited over seeing a squirrel. A squirrel. You see them every day! You always know when I'm happy and when I'm sad. You know how to distract me enough but not make me mad. You have taught me about responsibility and selflessness and you make every day mundane things way more fun! Sure, sometimes you get into trouble and do something bad but it's very rare that we could ever stay mad. You aren't just dogs, you are our family. You are our best friends.

We  love you so much!!!

For those of you who have dogs, I know that every word rings true to you. Go do something special for your little furry child today! For those of you who don't, I would love to open your eyes to adopting a pet. They say that you should rescue and save an animal but the truth is, these animals end up saving you. It's the only  investment you will ever make that gives an automatic return. I have had my girls since they were both 2 months old and it was the best decision I ever made. I don't know how I would've ever gotten through certain periods of my life without them.

Here are some rescues that I personally love

Best Friends Animal Rescue & NKLA

Dogs without Borders

Pug Nation

Pet Mania

Lhasa Happy Homes

Bill Foundation

Dawg Squad

Kelly XOXO

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