Happy Monday babes! I get asked a lot about what I use on my skin. Of course as a product addict I am always trying new things and changing it up but I generally keep the basics the same. Here is my morning skincare routine that has been amazing at keeping my skin clear, smooth and glowing! Comment below if you have any questions and if you want to see my nighttime routine as well!





Ok guys, this is a very sensitive topic for me, one in which I am extremely passionate about. I have heard so many Dermatologists say that what you eat has nothing to do with your breakouts or what your skin looks like. This is absolute bullshit!! What you put into your system absolutely, 100% shows on the outside. Let's dive into this a little deeper.

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aspirin_acne_mask1-720x720 *I have been a guest blogger on Sarah Howard's incredible blog Beauty Banter I originally posted this DIY on there. Check out her site for amazing beauty tips as well!!

I have and continue to suffer from the occasional WTF breakouts. The aspirin acne mask has been around for a very very long time and it is a tried and tested way to treat acne and aging! I originally learned about this when my aesthetician suggested I try it instead of using a prescription right away. I never ended up having to fill said prescription because this worked so well! The best part is it takes about 2 minutes to make and 15 minutes to see results.

*If you have an aspirin allergy, do not attempt this mask!


What You’ll Need: 5-7 Uncoated aspirin pills Distilled Water (bottled water like Fiji or Evian) 1 tsp Organic Honey

Benefits of the Ingredients: Aspirin – An anti-inflamatory so it will immediately reduce redness. Contains salicylic acid which is one of the most commonly used ingredients in acne products as it cleans out pores and exfoliates the skin (which is ideal for sloughing away fine lines and wrinkles too). Honey – The antibacterial properties in honey benefit acne-prone skin by reducing breakouts and healing current flair ups. It’s also a natural humectant so it locks in necessary moisture to keep skin hydrated and glowing.

Instructions: In a mug, drop the aspirin in with just enough distilled water to create a paste consistency. Let the aspirin dissolve in the water (you can mix a bit if necessary). If it seems a bit too pasty, add more water. If it is too liquidy, add another aspirin. I’d advise not to use more than 8 aspirin. Once you have your paste at the consistency that you like, you can apply to skin as is. However, I find that by adding 1 teaspoon of organic honey, the mask is less drying to the skin. You also receive the added benefits of honey (and I love honey for acne-prone skin) so I have included honey in my directions. You could also sub the honey for olive oil if your skin is extra dry or irritated. I’ve read that people use jojoba oil and tea tree oil as well. It really is a matter of personal preference and what benefit you are going after.

How to Use: Apply to the face, jaw, chest, back – any area that is prone to breakouts. Leave on for 7-15 minutes. This is great for men too as aspirin is wonderful for ingrown hairs (i.e. beard acne). Use up to two times a week but make sure that you make a new batch each time you use.

*You will notice an immediate glow to the skin once you rinse off the mask. Skin will feel heavenly soft and look luminous. Blackheads should decrease after the first use as well. Let me know if you try it and how it works for you!





Effaclear Duo bottle

Acne happens to the best of us. Hormones, weather change, environment and diet all have an effect on our skin. We all know this. But ladies (and gents!) I have found the answer to change all of that!!

La Roche Posay's Efferclear Duo is the answer to all of your anti acne prayers! A girlfriend of mine turned me onto it. I hadn't seen her in awhile and when I did, her skin was crystal clear and glowing. Once she told me her secret, I thought I would give it a try. It actually works!! If you put it on the affected area as soon as you feel or see a pimple coming, the cream will either take it away, or reduce it SIGNIFICANTLY overnight! IF you are prone to hormonal breakouts around "that time" of the month, you can put it on surrounding areas as a preventative measure and you will not break out!! Seriously, it really works!!! This is especially great if you will be traveling. We all know how air on an airplane, change of weather and new locations can affect the skin, slap some of this on as a preventative and you will not have that problem! This cream is also non drying, oil free AND it's paraben free! Can you ask for anything more?! Also, when using this, remember a little goes a long way. You only want to use a pea sized amount. If you follow the directions, one tube will last you a couple of months at least.



They also make a whole Effaclear line, including a cleanser and a clarifying solution amonst other things. I am only using the DUO right now but would be curious to try the others. I personally don't want to mess with what's working for me.. But La Roche Posay is such a clean, amazing line, so you really can't go wrong.

Pick up a tube if u suffer from breakouts and let me know how it works for you!! xo

*Recommended for mild to moderate acne-prone skin. Clinically proven to reduce acne as effectively as the leading acne prescription. Contains a patent-pending combination of Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide [5.5%] to reduce acne inflammation and Micro-exfoliating LHA [0.4%] to exfoliate and even texture. Dual action acne treatment that reduces the number and severity of breakouts with minimal irritation. Visibly reduces inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne in only 3 days.

Key Ingredients: Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide: Penetrates deeply to reduce imperfections and inflammation. Micro-Exfoliating LHA: Precise cell-by-cell exfoliation, refines pores.

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