I don't know about you guys, but this LA heat is not doing good things to my skin! Combine the heat with the fact that I tried a new line of products that gave me the WORST reaction it's pretty safe to say my skin was a mess! I am so thankful for my amazing facialist  Shani Darden who as usual,  came in and saved the day. Not only does Shani give the absolute best facials on the planet but she genuinely cares about her clients well being and truly has such a love and passion for transforming skin. Shani is so busy her wait list is 2 months long, She absolutely couldn't squeeze me in for a facial before my next appointment but she immediately sent me a bunch of samples she promised would clear up my skin. Ladies, I kid you not, within 3 days my skin was almost perfectly clear. That has never happened before. Generally when I have a reaction or a breakout, it lasts at least a week to 10 days. I am hooked on these products!

Lets start with her RETINOL REFORM

What it is: Miracle in a bottle! This serum is made up of 5 % retinol, 5 % lactic acid, Niacinamide, Aloe and sodium PCA. It helps reduce wrinkles, pore size and photodamage (dark spots.) It will Improve skin texture for acne scarred skin as well as prevent future breakouts. It softens and smoothes rough aging skin and also lightens pigmentation associated with photo damage. Over time this will aid in toning and firming the skin.

Why I love it: This retinol is not as drying as some other ones I have used and it literally changes the texture of your skin overnight! I woke up the next morning and saw an immediate difference it my skin. My pores were smaller, skin was clearer and it had a nice glow to it. I'm so excited to see what it does to my skin in the long run. I also love the price point. A bottle costs $95 and to be honest, with the quality of ingredients and how well this worked as quickly as it did, it should be way more but I'm definitely not complaining! 


What it is: A multitasking serum for aging, acne prone and dull complexions.

Why I love it: When you first put this serum on your skin it tingles, you immediately feel it working. Not only does it fight and clear acne but it also  brightens and tightens the skin making it look smooth and flawless. Active Serum will remove dark spots, clear acne and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It literally does everything except maybe pick up your dry cleaning.


What it is: Only one of the best cleansers I have ever used!

Why I love it: This cleanser makes my skin feel really clean without the tight, dry feeling. It is helping keep me clear and it also smells amazing. It is the perfect cleanser for all skin types but especially for sensitive skin!


What it is: An oil free moisturizer that helps control sebum production while keeping the skin hydrated.

hy I love it: Oilier skin needs hydration just as much as drier skin does. This healing lotion does just that. It leaves the skin hydrated and beautiful without any greasiness or oil. It also helps control breakouts as well. This lotion would also be a great moisturizer for direr skin in the summer time if you don't need as much hydration. I love this stuff!! We need to remember this: if you are prone to breakouts, you tend to use products that dry the skin out but in turn this creates more oil leading to more breakouts. it's an endless, vicious cycle. This lotion prevents all of that! Plus it smells like citrus. It's amazing. 

How to use the products:

AM: wash with Comple Cleanser, followed by Active Serum and then apply a moisturizer with SPF.

PM: wash with Complex cleanser, apply retinol reform followed by healing lotion. Start doing this 2x a week and build up to every night. On nights you don't use the retinol use Actve Serum followed by Healing Lotion or moisturizer of your choice!

So what are your summer skin secrets?  Will you try Shani's awesome skin regiment?  You know how much I love hearing from you girls so feel free to leave a comment below and let me know!