Ok we all know how obsessed with sunscreen I am (see video below if you need a refresher!) but not all sunscreens are created equal. Sometimes I get so frustrated because we know we need to do certain things to be healthy like eat certain foods, protect our skin from damaging UV rays and live a healthy lifestyle. But then we find out that some of these so called things that are supposed to be keeping us healthy are actually creating a whole new set of problems. I personally get really upset by this. 

So here's the thing about sunscreen. You have to wear it every day all year round no matter what the weather. In the video below I give you multiple ways to incorporate it into your daily regimen. The thing is, you have to check the ingredients before you buy/apply. Certain sunscreens contain toxic chemicals like Oxybenzone. This chemical has been shown to affect hormones both in men and women,  it mimics estrogen in the body leading to problems like endometriosis in women and affects sperm production in men. It also has been found in mother's breast which means these chemicals are being fed directly to the baby. It has lead to skin allergies, cancer and more.(do we even need more reasons to stay away?)  This makes you wonder, are you better off being exposed to the harmful rays of the sun? Probably. 

The safest ingredients are titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (I will attach a link to EWG website so you can read all about each ingredient yourself. But this why I love Supergoop. They stay away from harmful ingredients like oxybenzone, paraben and phtalates. They are cruelty free and do not test on animals and their products do not clog pores. I have been wearing their CC cream every day and their everyday sunscreen in amazing too. They just launched their Unseen Sunscreen which is clear, odorless and almost goes on like a primer. I am a huge fan!

I am not saying you need to go get Supergoop products, I just happen to love them and they work for me. Just do your research and make sure when choosing your daily sun protection that you are aware of the ingredients to stay away from.