As we head into winter (which also means flu season ughhh) you want to make sure your body is as healthy as possible to fight off all the colds and yuckiness that come with the changing of the seasons. I am definitely a germaphobe in general and slightly neurotic all year round so I live my life this way normally, especially when I am traveling. I am definitely more diligent about it during this time of year. Below are ways to build your immunity and protect yourself from getting hit this cold and flu season!


I like to try to get as much of my nutrients from whole foods as possible but sometimes its not enough and you have to supplement. My favorite daily immunity building supplements are:

A good multivitamin

1000 mg of vitamin c


Fish oil.

These are staples and I take them every day, all year round (except for the zinc but if you’re someone who suffers from acne, Zinc will help!)

I love Garden Of Life. They are a Canadian company and all their supplements are organic with no weird fillers or anything bad. Sometimes certain brands of supplements are actually doing more harm than good so read your labels!


I have talked about this in some of my videos I SWEAR BY ESSENTIAL OILS!!! I’m sorry for yelling at you but if you do one thing this winter season, get yourself some oils! There is literally an oil for everything and they are incredibly healing!! I use them for everything. I love Young Living because they are guaranteed 100% non gmo and pure, which means they are safe to ingest. Young Living owns their own farms so you know you are getting first grade, pure oils. They are incredibly healing whether you put them on your skin and wear them as a perfume or ingest. I make an immune booster tea during the winter and this really helps ward off anything and everything!

I steep rooibos tea and add one drop of the following oils:





The oregano is a little hard to swallow so if you aren’t actually fighting something like a sore throat, feel free to leave that out.


This one may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many times I see people eating without washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. We move through life touching things like doorknobs, menus when were out, dirty cell phones and then we are putting those germs in our mouths! All it takes is one person coughing into their hand and touching a door knob you then touch and you just caught what they have. FUN FACT: Your steering wheel on your car has more germs than a public restroom toilet seat. Sit with that for a minute. Wash your hands. Nuff said!


Water is really my answer to everything. Its pretty simple, Flush your system of toxins daily and you own’t get sick. Make sure you aren’t drinking out of plastic or you are actually putting toxins in your body and its counterintuitive.


The reason I love green juices is because there is no way you could ever eat as much salad as you get in a green juice. Just watch out for the sugar content. I love greens that have fruit to sweeten and add health benefits of course, but make sure it’s no more than 8 grams


Daily workouts and sweating is not only amazing for ridding your body of toxins but it also produces those feel good endorphins that make you feel like you can conquer the world. Try to make sure to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.


Ok, while this might not directly help ward off germs, a healthy mind produces a healthy body. Meditation can literally help make your cells healthier. If nothing else, you will feel more calm and be happier so why not give it a shot?

Do you have any immune boosting tips you would like to share? I love hearing from you so comment below or on Instagram