I don't know about you guys, but it seems like ever day I find out how toxic some of our every day products are. It seems nothing is safe anymore! While I openly believe in picking your poisons, I feel like there are so many environmental things we breathe in daily that is out of our control, I am trying more and more to focus on what I can control. Things like household cleaners, cosmetics and the way we cook at home are all good places to start. One thing I never really thought of was my nail polish. I personally love doing gel because it lasts long and my nails grow way longer. The problem is, to get the gel off, you are soaking your fingers in pure acetone for 10 -15 minutes every 2 weeks! Last week when my manicurist removed that foil wrapped nail I noticed the color of the skin on the tip of my finger. It was white and pruney! For the first time I really paid attention to this. There is no way this could be good for you. I decided to take a break from the gel and the bi monthly chemical soak and switch to some polishes that are free of t he 5 harmful and toxic ingredients. Here are my current top 3 favs!


Free of Formaldehyde, DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor (for all you people who skipped chem class like me, these are all just bad) There is an amazing top coat that keeps your manicure good for 7 days.  Also the best thing about this is you don't need a base coat! Here is what the brand says:

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is a breakthrough polish for fashion perfection... without a base coat! While ordinary polishes break down over time, Vinylux Weekly Polish actually becomes more durable!

Vinylux Weekly Polish system includes a self - adhering color coat that eliminates the need for a base coat. Use with Vinylux Weekly Top Coat for week - long wear that dries quickly.

Deborah Lippman

Probably one of the most famous "healthier" polishes. This line is also five free and comes in amazing colors. You can also get some great sets here

Butter London

I love this line! Product is great, lasts long and has a beautiful finish. It also has nail treatments you can use to help with whatever your nail challenges are.

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Whats your favorite nail polish? What fall colors are you excited to rock this season? XO