Happy Monday babes! A while back, I shared how I was shocked to discover that towel drying your hair was terrible. It causes friction leading to breakage and also creates more frizz. I started drying my hair with a plain cotton T - shirt which is a great trick and is already in your home (just pop your head through the neck hole and wrap it like a turban) But then I discovered this Aquis Luxe Hair towel and never looked back. I have been using it for months now and really wanted to see if it was worth telling you guys about. I really love how much quicker it dries my hair, the material absorbs water 10 times faster. it is made from ultra fine fibers finer than silk. I love how comfortable and convenient it is to use. Does it prevent breakage? I feel like it definitely is more gentle, therefore it won't cause breakage but I can't say that it prevents it.

What do you think? Would you try this Aquis hair towel?