Listen guys, I don't judge anyone for their choices in cosmetic surgery. I think we are lucky that we live in a time that if we have a serious insecurity, we can fix it without going under the knife with things like injections but there are incredible products on the market as well that can definitely help you achieve what you are trying to.

 Personally, I have always wanted bigger lips but with my tiny face and big eyes I would look RIDICULOUS. I do believe we were created just how we were supposed to be and encourage you all to embrace your "flaws" as beautiful and unique. I was once told by a manager that if I didn't fix my teeth I could never be successful as an actress. I spent a lot of money (and a lot of pain!) fixing this problem and once my teeth were "perfect" i hated the way I looked! My teeth that crossed over in the front gave me character, it made me, me. So I stopped wearing my retainer and let my teeth shift back. Sure, today they aren't as crooked as they were pre treatment and yes, there are times I am a little insecure about it when I am working, auditioning or at a photo shoot but I try to embrace it and accept it. I have many insecurities but that is for a whole other post and discussion! 

My skin guru and aesthetician Shani Darden recommended these Intraceutical lip masks and let me tell you they are AMAZING!! They hydrate your lips like they have never been hydrated before. They fill in fine lines and help lips appear fuller and prevent aging with the incredible ingredients. I am definitely hooked! But then again, there isn't a product Shani has recommended that I don't use religiously.

There are tons of lip mask options, some have more benefits than others but try them out and let me know what you guys think!