There are so many LED lights out on the market right now and I was on a mission to find out if they A, actually work and B which the best one is. My esthetician Shani Darden always incorporates at least 20 minutes under the light as part of my facial and when it comes to skin, whatever she says goes. But of course, she has a much higher end light and yes it does really work. So what about these at home treatments? I put a couple to the test and this is what I found.


Lightstim makes the LEDs you would find in a doctors office or at an estheicians office. They are very high grade lights. There is one light for anti aging, collagen production and wrinkle prevention which is the red light and the blue is to kill bacteria that causes acne. This is what I can tell you for sure, IT WORKS!!! Every time I have a breakout, when I use the light it heals it twice as fast and if I was diligent about it, I know I would have far less breakouts to begin with. This light is amazing and works miracles. The downside is that it is time consuming. I mean it's fine for me because I will just use it in front of the tv or while I am reading scripts but I generally like to keep it on one area for about 10-15 minutes at a time so that is almost 45-60 minutes of light time. It is definitely worth it but time consuming. It is also in a higher price point -- or so it seems. I will get to that in a minute but one handheld device  for wrinkles starts at $250 and acne is $170 so if you want both the blue and red light, it's going to cost you upfront.


Ok so off the bat, the Neutrogena mask is way more fun. You look like a cyborg and it always makes for a great pic or to scare your husband. The pros of this mask are that you are done in 10 minutes and it covers your entire face at one time which is very convenient. Also, it is a lot less expensive BUT what I didn't realize was that for that price (34.99) you are only getting 30 treatments and then you need to buy another activator. SO if you use it every day, it's 34.99 a month. So when you do the math the Lightstim one is actually cheaper. Also, personally I feel the Neutrogena lights aren't as strong. This will definitely do the trick if you experience occasional breakouts and for the price, why not give it a shot.

All in all, my favorite of the 2 is the Lightstim one because it really works for me and its a stronger light. I also like the idea of not having to replace it.

What do you think? Will you be trying an at home LED treatment? comment below!!