It's amazing to me how readily available great info on beauty is these days. We have it at our fingertips 24 hours a day. Whether its on social media, blogs we follow or online magazine subscriptions. Sometimes I wonder how we ever got any of our information before! Like how did our parents and grandparents survive???? Jokes aside, I truly love the fact that we can just google a problem and a solution is available. Sometimes I feel like we might forget to research the simple, obvious things though, which is where I come in. If you are suffering from dry,  broken or damaged hair you are not alone. Luckily,  there are many things you can do to remedy the situation.

I wanted to share 5 things you need to stop doing right now to keep your hair healthy and prevent any future damage. I often talk about all the things you should be doing but sometimes it's the things we should not be doing that is of utmost importance!


I have said this before and I will say it 10 more times, when you rub a towel through wet hair you are causing friction, frizz and breaking it. Believe it or not, wet hair is way more delicate and susceptible to breakage. When wet, your hair becomes very elastic which of course makes it break much easier. Before you even add the heat you are causing frizz and breakage by rubbing the harsh towel on your strands. Solution? Use a plain cotton t shirt or an AQUIS towel to absorb the excess water.


This is the same as the towel drying situation. Wet hair is very elastic. When you are combing through tangles with a regular brush, you are at risk of breaking it. Solution? Try using a wide tooth comb while conditioner is in your hair. Gently comb through or make sure you get a brush that is specifically designed for wet use like this one


This one kills me. If I ever work with a hair stylist who doesn't dry my hair completely before putting a hot tool to it, I vow to never ever work with them again. First off, always make sure to rough dry your hair first with the nozzle on your dryer and your fingers (no brush) You shouldn't use the brush and nozzle on your hair until it's at least damp. I never blow dry my hair from soaking wet. I always let it air dry for a good thirty minutes. Pro tip: When using the dryer and blow drying straight, always point the nozzle down. Comment below if you would like a full tutorial on this.


This is sort of like the towel drying with well, a towel. Cotton causes friction on the hair because it doesn't glide like silk or satin.  Another benefit of sleeping on silk is that you will get fewer wrinkles over time. You know when you wake up in the morning with sleep lines on your face? This is because your face is smooshed against a harder surface which doesn't allow it to glide and it also can mean that you are dehydrated. Solution? Start sleeping on silk! (and drink more water! though not ideal before bedtime) You can get inexpensive ones here on Amazon or my favorite is the Slip Pillowcase avail here and here


Most shampoos and conditioners that claim to repair hair contain proteins in them. We know protein is essential for building anything and yes, your hair is included in this. The problem is too much protein will cause your hair to break. Annoying right? It's like,  how do we win here?  Solution?  Alternate shampoos. I always keep at least 2 different shampoos and conditioners on rotation at all times. This is good for 2 reasons. 1. your hair will not get used to one and stop working, which often happens with products and 2. you will make sure that you are not getting too much of one. The result?  Healthy, happy hair!

Was this helpful for you?  How many of these things have you been doing without realizing it? Let me know in the comments below or on Instagram!