Happy Friday babes! As you know, I love giving back. You guys are always so supportive of everything that I do and I wanted to find a fun way to give back to you weekly. I got this idea from another blogger who does it daily but unfortunately because blogging isn't my only career, I don't have the time to do it daily. Here's how its going to work:

I will be giving something away to one lucky follower once a week until Christmas. Every Friday a winner will be chosen. The winner will receive anything from a gift card to a beauty product or styling tool, maybe a piece of clothing or jewelry. It will be a surprise! 

To enter to win, every time I post something on Instagram you need to like and comment as soon as possible. I will  check the post and chose a name every day (at random) The person to comment the most and as close to post time will win that week. The beauty is, there is a winner every week!!! (I may extend this into the new year or do random ones once a month so all you have to do is keep engaging with my account and you could be selected at any time!!)

In order to do this, you need to turn on notifications so you never miss a post.

Also, to be eligible you must be subscribed to both my Youtube and my blog and of course following me on Instagram.

Does this sound exciting to you??

Comment below and on the last pic I posted on Instagram.

To wrap up here is what you do:

  1. Every time I post something on Instagram, Like and comment as soon as possible.
  2. Every day I will write a list of names eligible.
  3. Every Friday until Christmas a winner will be chosen.