Challenge Of The Day!!

Happy Monday everyone!! How is the challenge coming along? I had a really fun weekend but I ate pretty bad.. (Mexican food Friday, chips and Ice cream Saturday and movie theatre popcorn and Thai food Sunday... NOT clean and not challenge worthy!!) Today I am back on track!!  I know some of you are having some issues sticking to this. Heres the thing, anything new, especially when its for your betterment is ALWAYS hard! Thats why its called a challenge! Because for some of you, taking on everything at once may be overwhelming, I have decided to alter it a little bit. Every week I will be posting a "Challenge of the day" on Mondays. If you complete it on Monday and feel like bringing it over to Tues and then Wed and so on, even better! But to start, all you have to do is for one whole day stick to this challenge ok?


Eliminate all processed foods. If it comes in a package just don't eat it. Simple enough? You can eat ANYTHING else! As long as it's fresh and doesn't come packaged. 

Let me know how this goes for you guys!!