Some of you guys have been asking about my skincare lately and wanting to know what my daily regiment is, so I thought I would share it here! Along with monthly facials from my skin guru Shani Darden I have been using some products I am in love with lately as well as sticking to a regular routine which always helps!

Here is my current skincare routine.

In the morning when I wake up (generally very tired and puffy) I ice my eyes to bring down the puffiness. This also helps wake me up. In the past, I would always wash my face twice a day but I started to instead just rinse my face with warm water and no soap in the morning. I realized that I was unnecessarily stripping my skin because I always wash my face before bed (and so should you!) This has actually helped me with less dryness and less break outs. I then pat my skin dry and apply (1 pump) of Dr. Dennis Gross Hydrapure moisturizer I specify one pump because it really is all you need and this stuff isn't cheap. I feel like we tend to use way more product than necessary often and we have to remember that a little goes a long way! I follow this with Control Corrective spf 30. I then apply my eye cream. Lately I have been using Stuart Kaplan md and am loving it! it helps tighten, depuff and smooth lines around your eyes. 

At night I remove my makeup with Simple wipes, Egyptian Magic for my eyes and then I wash with La Roche Posay Toleriane foaming wash. I use my Clarisonic with it which I swear by. I follow this up with Dr. Dennis Gross Hydrapure moisturizer and then alternate between perscription Tazorac which is a Retin A and Shani Dardens Retinol Reform (I switch every night) 

In addition to this I drink a ton of water, eat clean and avoid all dairy! This has helped my skin tremendously!