It is not very often that I find a product that does everything it says it does. You guys know I am a huge product junky and would never just use one product for everything BUT if I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one beauty item with me (ok and I'd sneak in a toothbrush & paste) it would be Egyptian Magic. I literally use it for everything. Keep reading to find out the many ways you can use this all natural miracle balm!

Body Moisturizer: 

I keep a small container of this in my shower and apply it to damp skin. Because this has a "vaseline" like consistency and sort of has to melt into the skin, I find it easier to apply it this way when putting it all over my body.

Lip Balm:

This is the perfect lip balm and I use it every night before bed.

Face Moisturizer:

I am acne prone so I haven't tried it all over my face but sometimes when I get really dry from using Tazorac, I apply it to those areas and it instantly repairs dry, peeling skin!

Eye Cream

When I am really dry or traveling, I use this under my eyes as a base for makeup. Not only does it moisturize but it adds a nice glow to my high cheekbones. I love it!

Eye Makeup Remover:

I have posted before about using coconut oil to remove my makeup. This is even better because it isnt oily at all. It is really soothing on the eye and removes eye makeup with one sweep! Simply take some on your finger, rub gently over your eye and then using a wet or dry cotton round swipe away the day.


Rub a bit of this on your cuticles for lasting hydration.

Have you tried Egyptian Magic yet? What are your favorite ways to use it?