You guys know how much I love sunscreen. I wear it every day of the year no matter rain or shine. It has been in my morning beauty regime for years. I have talked about this before so I won't go on and on but I did want to bring up something we all might forget sometimes... our hands! When getting my facial with Shani Darden last week, She put a peel on my hands. The first time she did this I said really? On my hands? Her response was "Of course, you can never forget the hands" With all the stuff on the market to help keep women looking young, the surefire way to tell a woman's real age is by their hands and necks. We so often forget about these two places in our anti aging regiments. I was driving in my car the other day and I looked at my hands and saw that on the steering wheel they were in direct sunlight. Living in LA we spend a lot of time in our cars, think about how many hours a day of sun that is on our hands! I don't need to tell you how much the sun ages us. 

The solution? Either keep a bottle of sunscreen in your car and apply as you would a hand lotion in the car or keep a small hand cream that contains SPF in your purse. I do both. I have my Supergoop Forever Young Hand Cream Spf 40 in my purse and my Skinceuticals Ultimate UV defense SPF 30 in my car because its a bit more moisturizing than Physical Fusion which I have used for years. Lately though, my absolute FAVORITE sunscreen for my face is Control Corrective SPF 30. It is so hydrating but does not clog your pores. I LOVE this stuff!