If you are anything like me, Sunday isn't always the most exciting day of the week. When we were kids it meant school tomorrow and now it means a busy work week ahead. Here are a few tips on how to make your Sundays a little more productive in getting you ready and excited to tackle the week ahead.

Pick out a few days worth of outfits This includes workout gear. As you start to put together cute outfits for Monday and Tuesday, you are setting the tone for the first couple of days. Sometimes how you put yourself together on the outside effects how you feel on the inside. So have fun with this. If you are following me on Instagram then you noticed I started a new thing called #FitnessFashionFriday the reason I started this was to show you guys A. how much fun you could have with active wear, B it doesn't have to break the bank and C to help motivate you. When I get dressed in the morning to workout, I definitely feel more motivated when I have something cute to wear.

Chop up veggies and prepare food for the week I honestly try to eat healthy as best as I can, but sometimes when I'm busy it is so hard not to just grab what is easy. This means ordering in or grabbing something processed. I recently started chopping up my veggies on Sundays and storing them in this amazing container called the OXO GreenSaver that helps keep them fresh all week! In my opinion there is nothing more tedious than chopping vegetables and making salads. I find it very time consuming and I just don't have it during my busy week. This helps me make quick salads on the go and reach for some carrots and hummus as a healthy snack. I also like to hard boil a dozen eggs. Darin and I love to eat these on the go as a great protein snack. We will also BBQ up some chicken and salmon to have in the fridge and then of course grab some margaritas and relax:)

Clean out your purse weird right? I just read this somewhere and it made so much sense! We allow stuff to build up in our purses throughout the week like receipts and gum wrappers (am I right?) cleaning out your purse just feels good. 

Face & Hair Masks I definitely use sundays as a beauty day. In the late afternoon or evening while sipping on a margarita I will put Manuka Honey on my face and Coconut oil or Olaplex in my hair. 

So what are some of your Sunday rituals? How do you spend your day? Let me know in the comments below!