I have been wearing a hair elastic around my wrist since I was in high school. Its a convenient way to always have one around when you need it and it seems to be the only way that we don't lose them. If you guys remember a while back I shared Why You Should Never Share Makeup Brushes it was a terrifying thing to learn but I am glad I could share it with you guys. Today I read an even scarier one on Popsugar on why you should avoid wearing an elastic band around your wrist. This story is terrifying and I really needed to share it with you guys here.

According to WLKY, Louisville local Audree Kopp noticed a bump on her wrist growing bigger and bigger. Though she was prescribed a course of antibiotics from her doctor, it continued to enlarge and become inflamed, so she went to the emergency room. It was there that she learned her glittery hair tie had caused three kinds of infections in her wrist.

Dr. Amit Gupta at Norton Healthcare, who immediately performed surgery on Audree, believes that bacteria from the difficult-to-clean accessory entered her skin through pores and hair follicles. If she hadn't visited the emergency room when she did, the infection could have turned into sepsis, a life-threatening condition caused by bacteria in the bloodstream. "People have been known to go into a coma, your body shuts down," Audree explained. "It could have been way worse."

As someone who always has a hair elastic around her wrist, I was horrified reading this. Another thing to note guys, my grandfather was a brain surgeon and very advanced on his thinking during that time. He always said if there is ever anything on your body that shouldn't be there, get it checked right away and remove it. Even if its not "dangerous" according to doctors. If it doesn't belong on your body just get rid of it. I feel like so often we notice things and think its nothing and ignore it. As we saw here, that could be life threatening. Be aware of your bodies and check them regularly! 

So what do you think? Will you still wear hair elastics around your wrists?