Recently my girlfriend was raving about Rodan & Fields Microneedle roller for the face. Her skin was flawless and glowing and she attributed it to the products she was using in conjunction with rolling her face before hand. I was so curious about this, I of course started to research. I found a similar roller by ORA for a fraction of the price and decided to give it a try. Due to the fact that my skin is so sensitive and acne prone, I wanted to test it out on my body.


1,080 medical-grade, stainless steel needles that glide over your body creating tiny punctures on the top layer of your skin; this signals the production of collagen to mend these punctures. The result? Smoother skin. Pitted pot marks, scars and stretch marks lighten and the overall tone of your skin evens and improves.

I really do notice a difference when I use it. It's not the most pleasant feeling in the world to do but it doesn't hurt. The lotion I put on absorbs much quicker and I feel like the product is more effective because it is getting into the layer beneath the skin surface. I would imagine it would show an incredible difference in your face but I am too afraid to use it due to my sensitivity.

Make sure to follow directions on the box, never share your roller with anyone and always disinfect with alcohol before each use! Let me know if you guys have used it, what your thoughts are or if you try it!