By special request I am doing a post on my favorite makeup brushes and how you should clean them! There are so many great sets out there that you can use. The most inexpensive and most popular ones I would say are the Real Technique brushes.  I have always been a fan of the Mac brushes and use Sephora's brushes as well. Their quality is pretty good and they have good deals on sets. I always mix and match my brushes. I don't have one particular set. For example my bronzer brush is Smashbox face and cheek brush. my eye shadow brushes range from Space NK, to Mac, to Chanel to Sephora. My Kabuki brush (for foundation) is Tarte and I just got a new foundation brush I LOVE from IT Cosmetics. Clearly I really believe in mixing and matching! [show_lookbook_widget id="217073"]

As far as cleaning goes, I have super sensitive, acne prone skin so I need to keep my brushes clean and free of all bacteria. I wash my brushes every couple of weeks with regular Dial antibacterial foaming soap. Some people don't believe in this as they feel it doesn't preserve the lifespan of the brush. To be honest, all my brushes last years. In between washes I use Sephora's brush cleaner. I spray it on a kleenex or washcloth and rub my brushes in it either before or after application. If you are concerned about the harshness of the foaming soap, good old fashioned Johnson's baby shampoo is the perfect brush cleanser. If you would like to do the Dial, you can also always condition your brushes with olive oil every so often as well.

And please don't ever use anyone else's brushes or testers at any beauty counter! See this post for why in case you missed it. As much as  I love Sephora, they're testers are disgusting and loaded with bacteria and you can catch some pretty bad things. People have no consideration and literally will cough in their hand and then stick that same hand in an eye shadow or rub a lipstick on the back of their hand they just sneezed on. Guys its so gross. These stores have awesome return policies. I'd even rather you buy something, try it on in the store and return it right there if you don't like it. Ok I'll stop. Obviously this is a pretty sensitive subject for me.