Wedding season is upon us! As many of you know, I am in the process of planning my own wedding at the moment. Be sure to pick up next weeks Soap Opera Digest magazine (on sale this Friday) for more on my wedding planning tips!  It is definitely safe to say I have been learning a lot! Since wedding season is in full gear, I thought would cover some bases on proper etiquette when you are a guest at someone else's wedding. This was definitely something I needed to look into as I have several weddings coming up.


  • Wear white. Seriously, I can't believe I am even saying this because it is so obvious. DO NOT WEAR WHITE to someone else's wedding! Let the bride be the bride and be the only one in White. Even if she isn't wearing white (you won't know till you get there) just don't. Save the white dress for another occasion. You would be surprised how many people do wear white to weddings and it's just so shocking to me.
  • Wear anything sexy, edgy or that makes a statement. This is the brides moment. Don't take the attention away from her by showing up in a fabulous gown.
  • Wear super high heels or anything uncomfortable. Remember that you want to last and be able to dance all night and have fun. I made this mistake at the wedding I was at on Friday. I thought I was good in my shoes but I wasn't at all.
  • Bring a gift to the wedding. Most weddings have a registry which has all the gifts sent to the house. Bringing it to the wedding makes it a pain for the couple to get everything home at the end of the night. If you are giving a check and want to give it to them in person, make sure to hand it to the best man or maid of honor, otherwise you are seriously risking getting it lost.

The stunning bride Perrey and I at her wedding. Her gown was so beautiful. She was perfect as was the whole night!


  • Wear florals or bright colors. Especially this time of year. Think summer colors and very flirty and feminine.
  • Wear wedges or a lower heel. You can wear pretty sandals too. If you do chose to wear a higher heel, try to bring a pair of flats with you in case you get uncomfortable.
  • Spring/Summer makeup! Put your dark smokey eyes away. This is the time for bronzed, glowing skin and a beautiful pink lip! Be sure to check back on Wednesday for a tutorial on how my makeup artist Brittany Spyksma and I came up with this particular look!
  • Get a spray tan. I didn't unfortunately. With lighter color dresses its important to be tanned. If you can't get a spray tan you can do it yourself. Below are some links to great self tanners. Or you can use body makeup or lotions.

  • Try on your dress a few days before and make sure it fits properly!!! I unfortunately was so busy that I forgot. So I had to run and get emergency alterations on our way to the wedding! Luckily it worked out! But DON"T wait till the last minute!!

Darin and I getting last minute alterations on the way to the wedding.. a big don't!

  • Last but not least, bring some kleenex. It's a wedding. You will probably cry and you just spent all that time doing your pretty makeup!

I hope this helped! Happy wedding season!