Monday Motivation!

[show_lookbook_widget id="185300"]Happy Monday! Most people hate Mondays. They dread this first day of the long week ahead. When I was a kid, Sunday nights were so depressing because it meant a whole week of school ahead. Today, Mondays are the most exciting. It means a whole new week of possibility ahead. It's the day that sets the tone for your whole week. What kind of week do you want to have? Let's start Mondays off right by making it an exciting day to get stuff done and be motivated to kick some ass! As you know, I normally post Tuesdays and Thursdays, but if you guys like this new Monday Motivation post I will start throwing them out there weekly so be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you guys want!


1. Set your intention for the week. Take 5 or 10 minutes to meditate or just have quiet time. Go for a walk and clear your head. Decide what you want to put out there for yourself and loved ones for the upcoming week. Or even just write down your goals and get organized in what you have to do. [show_lookbook_widget id="185304"]

2. Workout. Even if it means 20 minutes on a treadmill or 10 minutes of jumping jacks or squats or even a good stretch. Get the blood pumping and those endorphins flowing. [show_lookbook_widget id="185340"]

3. Pick a great outfit. Whether you are going to work in an office, running errands or going to school, look cute today. When I wear something great, I feel great. Period. [show_lookbook_widget id="185348"]

4. Treat yourself. When you get home be sure to do something you love that makes you feel good. For me, it might be a nice bubble bath with candles, a face mask and a nice hot cup of tea. Or taking an hour to watch a show or read (generally I'm reading scripts which is work but doing it in the tub is a whole different ball game:) [show_lookbook_widget id="185316"]

So look forward to Mondays! Make it the most exciting day of the week, not the most dreaded!

Kelly XOXO