DIY's are all about experimenting. The beauty of making things like your own lotion is that you have complete control over what goes into it. You can customize your own scents, texture and the amount that you make at one time. They make very personal gifts and it's just great all around!!

Originally, when I set out to make my own body cream, I made a body butter. I melted the butters and oils together, added my scent and was really pleased with the result and how soft my skin was. My problem with it, was that it hardens and it was very hard to get out of the jar (similar to trying to get hard coconut oil out of the jar with your fingers) I thought I would try and create a similar body cream rather than a butter. The result? creamy, luxurious, whipped, fluffy, amazing body lotion!!

What you will need:

Mango Butter or Shea Butter (I prefer Mango personally)

Coconut Oil

Honest's all natural baby lotion (or any baby lotion. I just always prefer all natural!)

Essential oil of your choice (optional)

Hand mixer


Jar for storage

spatula or spoon.


Put the mango butter in the bowl (how much is up to you, depending on how much you are making)

Mango butter

Add a little bit of coconut oil (ratio should be about 90 percent mango, 10 percent coconut oil) I don't like to put too much coconut oil because I don't want it to be too greasy. Then add the baby lotion (as much as you want!)

adding lotion

Mix together with a hand mixer about 5 minutes or until you reach desired consistency.



Add about 20 drops of oil (optional) and then continue to mix additional 20-30 seconds. Then, using the spatula or spoon, scoop the lotion into a jar.


Finished lotion!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you guys think! I always love your feedback, especially with the DIY's! Xo

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