Still of our shoot in Paris in Front of the Eiffel Tower

I recently filmed an episode of The Bold & The Beautiful in Paris. It was incredible!! Working in the beautiful Trocadero Gardens right in front of the Eiffel Tower was a dream come true! Being in 5 inch heels on cobble stone streets and standing in them for 10 hours? Not so much!! Luckily, I had discovered Dr. Scholl’s line of gel pads for high heels. I'm not going to lie and say I had no pain, we are talking about 10 hours straight in very high heels. But using these pads helped significantly. Dr. Scholl’s makes different types and sizes for whatever type of shoe you might be wearing (sandal, open toe, closed toe, flats) I recommend just trying out what works for you. Personally, I am sold on both the Ball of foot cushions and the Dreamwalk high heel insoles. Dr scholls insoles The Dreamwalk insoles are full length with arch support and made of soft fabric that actually help keep your feet dry and are really comfortable. Great on bare feet! The gel arch on the other hand, helps shift pressure off the ball of your foot and because it is really thin, doesn’t make your shoe feel tighter.



The Ball of Foot ones are great too! The gel really helps alleviate pressure off the ball of your foot (obviously) and just makes for a much more comfortable day.

Here are some stills from that day.

*My look: Dress by Dolce &Gabbana, Shoes:Prada, Hair: curled with a 1 1/2 inch barrel iron for long loose waves. My makeup was pretty natural with a nice bronzed glow and my lips were lined with Mac's "Redd" liner with a nice light gloss over it. The Hair and Makeup team there were wonderful!



Behind the scenes on location,

Running lines before our scene.

jpi_episode6886_0001291740 BrooksKrugerParis