I had lunch with a girlfriend today and she started talking to me about her relationship. She said she feels like her boyfriend and her have been lacking in communication lately and feels a little disconnected from him. She feels like he is "the one" and wants to make it work. She's feeling a lot of different things right now. She was asking for my advice on how she can communicate with him better. I'm no expert in the field but I remember reading an article about the way men and women process things differently. Women are feelers, Men are thinkers. If her boyfriend were having the same convo with one of his friends he'd probably say, "I think she's the one and I think I really want to make it work" Not to say men don't feel, of course they do, they just process what they're feeling in a totally different way than women do. Ask a man what he feels like having for dinner? You probably won't get an answer, He will probably say he doesn't know or care but ask him what he thinks he wants and I can almost guarantee you he will tell you. Try it, Its fun!