The number one reason that I am so into DIY lately, aside from the fact that it’s fun and creative, is that it is so rewarding! When you make something that you can use and say that you did it, is so much more rewarding than going to the store and buying it. Plus, it’s much healthier and more cost effective. My latest DIY is candle making. I love candles, I have them all over my house and burn them everyday. I figured I would give it a shot and thought it would be so much more complicated than it was. It’s easy, fun, and you can customize them exactly how you want. Pick any kind of glass container (get creative with this- you can even use a martini glass!) and choose your color and scent.

I chose to make soy candles with natural essential oils because I don’t like having chemicals or ingredients that aren’t natural in my house. but feel free to modify however you like. You can use candle fragrance which will have a stronger scent.


What You’ll Need: Glass Containers – try anything from an old salsa jar to an actual candle holder. You can buy cool ones at any craft or home store too. Get creative with this! Soy candle wax Wicks Thermometer Dye blocks (if you want color) Essential Oils of your choice (I chose to use lavender oil) Crazy Glue or a Glue Gun Pencils Double Boiler Pot

Instructions: 1 – To start, clean the container well and make sure the glass is room temperature. 2 – Secure your wick to the bottom of the glass using a glue gun or crazy glue. Depending on the size of the container you are using, you may want to try a few wick lengths. It’s always better to use a longer wick as you can trim. Securing the wick with glue prevents it from moving around once you pour the hot wax in. 3 – Wrap the top of the wick around a pen or pencil and place horizontally at the opening of the glass. Make sure the wick stays center (it will get soft when you put the wax in) 4 – Melt the soy wax in a double boiler to 180 degrees F. Use a thermometer to monitor temperature. Once it has reached 180, turn off the heat. 5 – If you want to add color shave off the desired amount from your dye block and stir into the hot wax. *Keep in mind that soy wax is very opaque so the color when wet will appear much darker than when it hardens.* For example, a dark blue will likely end up being baby blue. 6 – Add your scent. I just go by feel, it will smell much stronger in the boiler so you can add a little more just to be sure you get a lively scent. 7 – Let wax cool to about 135- 140 degrees and then pour it into the container making sure the wick stays secure. 8 – Allow the candle to cool for about an hour and then trim the wick to desired height. 9 – After about 4 hours of cooling your candle is ready to burn!”

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